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Antalya Destination Guide, a detailed application with which you can discover the magnificent
destinations of Antalya in 6 languages.

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Inspired by the theme “Antalya-From Kas to Gazipasa” and with the pioneering approach, we have prepared our book that introduces a total of 106 fascinating locations of Antalya through rich content and carefully selected photographs. Astonishing and hidden historical sites and activity points, combined with the QR code technology, are integrated into our book.

Thanks to this technology, travelers with different native languages can scan the QR code on the photo of the place they want to see, access the comments of other users and visitors, their photos, get directions via Google, and easily find other points around the location.

Besides the well-known places such as Perge, Side and Aspendos, there are many places that are introduced and recommended, such as Keçili Park, Sulu Island, Tazı Canyon, Parks, etc. The book consists of 4 chapters: Kaleiçi, City Center, West Antalya and East Antalya.

İWith the first edition in English, second edition of "Antalya Destination Guide" comes in 6 languages (English, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic and Persian).