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Antalya Destination Guide, a detailed application with which you can discover the magnificent
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ERS Inc.

ERS Inc. is a Technocity company, developing Electronic Reservation Systems in the software industry with a worldwide award-winning technology in producing ticketing and automation solutions for the Turkey's largest theme and amusement parks, and tourist facilities. These software solutions are exported and known beyond the borders of Turkey. With its state-of-the art technology and experience in the industry, ERS Inc. contributes to the promotion of Antalya region and Turkey on the whole. Automation systems of ERS Inc. are used in more than 20 facilities such as Land of Legends, İsfanbul, Olympos Teleferik, Antalya Aquarium and Sand Sculpture Museum.

Octopus Publishing House

Starting as a book-café concept in 2015 in Antalya, Octopus bookstore gained an important place on the whole Turkish market in a short time. With main purpose of establishing its place on publishing market, Octopus has taken the first steps in Antalya, with the copyrights and translation books acquired in 2018. In line with the same goal, it has implemented the idea of "Antalya Destination Guide", prepared by valuable academic writers, to contribute to Antalya tourism and support its promotion. Later, under the leadership of ERS Inc, it has stepped into a strong cooperation that promotes Antalya with the "Antalya Destination Guide" mobile application.

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